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Untill i submit a flash, i do not exist

2008-05-17 21:22:28 by Penmasterish

well, i'm a brand new user on newgrounds. there is a new person joining every minute, and now i'm one of them. everyone is hoping to shine. how many of them actually submit flashes? i dunno. i hope to be one of them though. i'm pretty nervous though. there is an enormous amount of talent on newgrounds. i just hope i can make some friends and have fun, but this may just eliminate my self esteem. and time, for that matter.

there's no point in posting something, but i don't want an advertizement on my profile.


i have a splitting headache. my right brain feels like it's going to break through my skull and hit my desk, spraying blood all over the keyboard and monitor. still working on that piece of shit flash though, the one that i got so excited about when it was 1/4th done that i submitted it only to get it blammed. need to watch some flash tutorials on how to put in sound and lip syncing. i should probably get a microphone too... and piano lessons. those would be fun. it'd be nice to make a friend sometime soon... ah well.